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Missing Money

Mark Rosenberg

July 28, 2016

Where to find missing money.

Whatever happened to your old savings account? Or that rental security deposit? Your state may be holding the funds for you. State laws generally require businesses and financial institutions to turn over cash and property to the state after there has been no activity on the account or contact with the owner for a number of years. You can search for property you lost, forgot, or never knew about at MissingMoney.com, a website that searches the unclaimed property records of many states and provides links to those states that are not represented in its database.

How to redeem a lost savings bond.

If you have lost track of a matured savings bond, the U.S. Department of Treasury has a search feature at www.TreasuryHunt.gov that can help.

Where to find a missing tax refund.

The IRS is holding millions of dollars of undelivered refund checks. If you did not receive a refund you were due, you can check on its status and update your address if necessary by visiting the IRS website, www.IRS.gov, and clicking on “Get Your Refund Status”.

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